What is the property zoned?
The property is located within an R-2, Zoning District. The primary use allowed in the R-2 District is single-family residential dwellings, but several uses may be approved by special exception including municipal buildings, fire houses, bus or railroad passenger stations, and other public utility buildings as well philanthropic, educational, recreational or religious use by a duly incorporated, non-profit body, governmental unit or community association.

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1. What is the history of Academy School?
2. When Hand Academy was gifted to the Town of Madison, what were the conditions of acceptance?
3. Do the conditions of acceptance still apply?
4. How big is the property?
5. What is the property zoned?
6. Can the property be rezoned to permit additional uses?
7. What approvals would be required if the property were to be redeveloped?
8. Can the property be subdivided?
9. Is there enough parking to support a reuse of the property?
10. What would happen to the ball fields if the property is redeveloped?
11. What are the current cost estimates to renovate the property?
12. What is the current appraised value of the property?
13. If the property were developed beyond just the school building itself, how much tax revenue would be generated?
14. What will happen to the food trucks if the property is redeveloped?
15. How much tax revenue would be generated if the property were sold as-is?