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Memorial Town Hall: Upper Level

Subfacility of Memorial Town Hall

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Max Occupancy 180

Memorial Town Hall (PDF)


  1. Projector ($25 per hour)
  2. Restrooms
This is a request for the use of facility ONLY. Do not make arrangements until final approval has been received.
The set-up and take down of the requested room is your responsibility. Close the windows, lock all doors and clean up after your
group. A dumpster is located behind the building for your trash.

  • Outside organizations in need of the Town's projector will be charged $25.00 per hour for this service.
  • Weekend Use: A key will be issued to you the day prior to the meeting ($20.00 deposit) between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM at the Recreation Department Office. Weekend events: key pickup Friday before 4 PM, return Monday morning.

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