Madison taxpayers are able to obtain a vehicle sticker for parking at any of the three town beaches.   Taxpayers up to age 64 will be charged $40 for first vehicle sticker and $20.00 for each additional vehicle registered to their name.  Seniors age 65 and over shall be charged $10 per vehicle.   Veteran’s Discount - one vehicle registered in their name at $10.00 and any additional vehicles will be charged $20.00 each.  

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1. Overview
2. May I renew a pass I had purchased last year online?
3. What do I need to bring with me to purchase a sticker in person?
4. Where does my sticker need to go on my vehicle?
5. What form of payment is accepted at the Surf Club Office?
6. May I purchase a day pass?
7. I am a senior/disabled non-driving resident.
8. Can my Nanny/Babysitter bring my children to the beach?
9. Non-Resident Relatives Staying With You
10. Lost Stickers
11. Rental Car due to accident/repairs
12. Replaced Windshield
13. New/Replacement Vehicle
14. Bringing Friends to the Beach
15. My vehicle with the sticker is unavailable
16. Once I enter the Surf Club, may I leave and come back?
17. Purchasing Daily Passes
18. Walkers, Joggers, Bicyclists
19. I am a residing tenant in town, may I purchase a sticker?
20. Borrowed Cars