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Posted on: September 8, 2015

Sep 8, 2015: Tree Removal

UPDATE: Sept 8, 2015 Trees Removed from Madison’s Downtown Residents and visitors to Madison’s downtown might notice something missing: trees. Many of the trees downtown were removed Tuesday as the Madison Center Projected kicked off. The removal, which started early on Tuesday morning took about 8 hours and involved blocking parking spots on Route 1 as the trees were removed. Most of the trees that were removed had died or were diseased. “The decorative trees that were removed today were planted by our public works department in the 1970’s. While the trees offered some flowering and foliage, they were not a good match for our downtown as their roots grew out instead of down, leading to cracks and bumps in our sidewalks,” said EDC Chair Ryan Duques. As part of the Madison Center Project, new trees will be planted next spring. The new specimens have been specifically selected for our project with roots growing down, instead of sideways. Additionally the trees will have foliage and flowers at a height that allows for better storefront visibility. Next up this week:
Installation of construction signage
Pavement cutting along curbing (resulting in temporary closure of parking spaces)
Cutting across Route 79 at Route 1 for placement of underground utility conduit
Demolition to remove and replace the curbing and sidewalk is scheduled to start next week. There will be temporary parking and business access disruption as the project moves in phases along main street. Disruption will be limited to sections as the project will concentrate on one area before moving to the next. This will significantly reduce any disruptions to parking or business access. Retail stores will be visited in-person and notified when construction will be near their entrance and disruptions will be discussed and alleviated as much as possible. It is important to note that any disruption will be brief.

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