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Madison, CT

At a meeting held on October 19, 2017, the Commission took the following action:

17-26.  134 Boston Post Road.  Landon Lumber.  Map 45, Lot 139.  R-2 District.  Site Plan Review Modification to change the size and shape of the footprint of the proposed pre-engineered metal storage building to allow two drive-thru aisles rather than one.  Approved.

17-28.  1185 Durham Road.  Christ Chapel.   Map 130, Lot 14.  RU-1 District.  Owner/Applicant:  Christ Chapel of The Christian & Missionary Alliance of Madison, CT.  Site Plan Review Modification to add 32 processed stone parking spaces.  Approved.

17-19+CSP.  32 Mungertown Road.  Map 35, Lot 36.  T District.  Owner/Applicant:  Carrie B. Hick.  Special Exception Permit application for construction of a 3-story barn containing a 2-bedroom apartment, retail, service, and storage space.  Coastal Site Plan Review required.  Approved As Modified.

17-25.  Zone Change & Regulation Amendment.  Applicant:  Shoreline Warehousing, LLC.   Petition for a Zone Boundary Change from R-2 District to Light Industrial District at 1 Bishop Lane, 12 Bishop Lane, and other land on Bishop Lane (Map 50, Lot 5).  Also, Petition for a Regulation Amendment to Section 7.1.1 to allow all uses in the C District.  Approved, Effective October 27, 2017.

17-24.  Regulation Amendment.  Applicant:  Madison Planning & Zoning Commission.  Request to eliminate Sec. 13.6 pertaining to the expiration of variances if a certificate of occupancy has not been obtained within two years of approval.  Also, amend Sec. 6.15.7 pertaining to Planned Residential Developments in the Transition District to permit eight (8) units in a building and up to twelve (12) units per acre provided ten percent (10%) of the units are sold or rented at below market rate.  Approved, Effective October 27, 2017.

Ronald C. Clark, Chair