Monday, September 12,  2022                                                                                        7:00 P.M.            

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         Password: 954207

Call-in: 1 646 558 8656; Webinar ID: 997 6478 2100


22-36. Race Hill Rd. Map 139, Lot 22. Owner/Applicant: Robert Uthoff, Jr., Regulated Activity Permit for construction of 20ft span-6ft rise galvanized steel structural plate bottomless arch culvert that will carry a private residential driveway over Dowd Hollow Brook.

22-36  Application Documents


22-32. 1389 Durham Rd. Map 146, Lot 2.  Owners:  Thomas and Rebeka Knowlton; Applicant: Thomas Knowlton; Regulated Activity Permit application to construct a two-story addition for 3 car garage addition with living space above and installation of new bituminous concrete driveway within 100ft upland review area.

22-32 Application Documents

22-26.  353 Boston Post Rd.  Map 36, Lot 25.  Owner:  Kingsley Goddard and Kelly Ann Quinlan; Applicant:  The Residence at Barberry Farm, LLC; Regulated Activity for the construction of 22 detached single-family dwellings, associated subsurface sewage treatment systems, stormwater management system, installation of associated utilities, and common driveways within 100ft upland review area.  (APPLICATION HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN)

22-26 Application Documents


22-34. 477 Bartlett Dr. Map 106, Lot 24.  Owners:  Mostafa and Shirani Analoui; Applicant:  Mostafa Analoui.  Regulated Activity Permit for placement of a 10 x 12 pre-built shed on gravel in a wetland review area.

22-34 Application Documents

22-35. 6 Deer Creek. Map 55, Lot 7/1/6. Owner/Applicant: David Rackey; Regulated Activity Permit to construct a 8 x 15 extension on existing deck within an upland review area.

22-35 Application Documents

22-37.  62 Suffolk Dr. Map 157, Lot 16/12.  Owner:  Sheri Rossi; Applicant:  CT Permit Services; Regulated Activity Permit to replace an existing 12ft x 12ft deck with a new 16ft x 12ft deck within 100ft upland review area.  

22-37 Application Documents

22-38 46 Neck Road. Map: 24, Lot: 35, Owner: Ellen Aub; Applicant: Maintenance Masters CT LLC; Regulated activity permit to reconstruct sunroom on side of house as family room; convert enclosed front porch to open front porch within 100ft upland review area.

22-38 Application Documents

22-39 118 Beechwood Dr., Map 130, Lot 33, Owner: Janet T. Anderson Family Trust; Applicant: Archie Bailey; Application for regulated activity to replace septic tank and d-box for subsurface sewage disposal system within 100ft upland review area.  

22-39 Application Documents

22-40 51 Island Avenue., Map 47, Lot 44, Owners/Applicants:  Gordon C. & Rebecca P. Streeter; Application to construct a sunroom addition and porch expansion on front of existing single-family residence within 100ft upland review area.

22-40 Application Documents

Approval of Minutes:       Regular Meeting Minutes August 1, 2022

                                           Site Walk Minutes August 27, 2022                                                       

Remarks:     Inland Wetlands Chairman  

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The Town of Madison does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and the meeting facilities are ADA accessible.  Individuals who need assistance are invited to make their needs known by contacting Lauren Rhines at 203.245.5602 or by email to at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.