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8242.  39  Seaview Avenue.  Map 28, Lot 92.  R-4 District.    Request to vary 3.8b and 12.6 of the Madison Zoning Regulations to allow 2,107 sq. ft. coverage where 1,480 is allowed, and allow 3,385 floor area where 2800 sq. ft. is allowed, to permit new dormer and front porch to be extended enlarging an existing non-conforming structure.

8242 Application Documents          

8240. 72 Wickford Place.   Map 96, Lot 40.  Request to vary Section 11.2 of the Madison Zoning Regulations to allow an accessory building to be built 10 feet from the property line where 20 feet is required

8240 Application Documents

8241.  113 Liberty Street.  Map 29, Lot 147.  R-2 District.    Request to vary Section 3.6a and 12.6 of the Madison Zoning Regulations to allow a front yard of 13 feet where 40 feet is required to permit addition of second floor over existing first floor sunroom enlarging an existing non-conforming structure. 

8241 Application Documents                                

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:    March 3, 2021 Special Meeting
March 9, 2021 Regular Meeting


The Town of Madison does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and the meeting facilities are ADA accessible.  Individuals who need assistance are invited to make their needs known by contacting the Town’s ADA/Human Resources Director Debra Milardo at 203.245.5603 or by email to milardod@madisonct.org at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.