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Monday, April 3, 2023                      7:00 P.M.            

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Call-in: 1 646 558 8656; Webinar ID: 997 6478 2100



23-06. 14 New Road.  Map 49, Lot 26.  Owner/Applicant:  Precision Land Holdings LLC; Regulated Activity Permit for renovations and a 4,170 sqft addition to existing manufacturing building with associated site improvements including replacement of a storm drainage pipe within 100ft upland review area

23-06 Application Documents

23-09 Neck Rd (aka Stone Rd), Map 12, Lot 103-1.  Owners/Applicants:  Andrew Corwin and Pamela D’Arc; Regulated Activity Permit construct a single-family home with hot tub and associated site improvements within 100ft upland review area

23-09 Application Documents

23-10 66 Signal Hill Rd., Map 30, Lot 44.  Owner:  Susan Hartman, Applicant: Anderson Engineering & Surveying Associates; Regulated Activity Permit to install and grade a driveway within 100ft upland review and construct a garage outside of the 100ft upland review area.

23-10 Application Documents

23-12 175 Fort Path Rd., Map 36, Lot 25.  Owner:  175 Fort Path Road, LLC, Applicant: 175 Fort Path Road, LLC C/O Milano Development; after the fact Regulated Activity Permit for modifications made to previously approved commercial building and associated site improvements within 100ft upland review area

23-12 Application Documents

23-11 Mungertown Rd., Map 56, Lot 1.  Owner: Town of Madison, Applicant: Madison Board of Education; Regulated Activity Permit to construct a new elementary school with paved parking lot and associated site improvements within 100ft upland review area (Public hearing scheduled for May 1, 2023)

23-11 Application Documents


23-16 Race Hill Rd. Map 141, Lots 5 and 6.  Owner:  Guilford Sportsman Assoc., Inc., Applicant: Andrew J. Bosse Forestry Service; Proposed Section 4 As of Right application wildlife habitat improvement (USDA-NRCS)

23-16 Application Documents

23-17 144 Neck Rd. Map 24, Lot 1.  Owners/Applicants: Patrick Boutilier, Brian H. and Rita E. Boutilier; Regulated Activity Permit application to demolish existing single-family home and construct a four-bedroom single family home, code complying septic system, swimming pool, retaining wall and associated site improvements within 100 ft upland review area

23-17 Application Documents

23-19 43 Madison Springs Dr.  Map 66, Lot 32.  Owner Applicant:  Rachel Kelly Voccola, Regulated Activity Permit for removal of an existing deck and construction of a patio and stairs within 100 feet of an inland wetland.

23-18  Application Documents


23-13 33 Wilshire Rd., Map 39, Lot 87/33W. Owner: Ann Scott, Applicant: Michael Doman, P&M Builders, Regulated Activity Permit to construct an 8ft x 12ft addition onto existing sunroom and convert into four season room within 100ft upland review area

23-13 Application Documents

23-08 46B Beach Ave., Map 24, Map 217.  Owners: Bernard & Morgan Lauzier, Applicant: Bernard Lauzier, Regulated Activity Permit to construct a 32ft x 32ft detached garage with 6ft x 12ft greenhouse with site improvements within 100ft upland review area

23-08 Application Documents

23-14 253 Bartlett Dr., Map 100, Lot 1/48.  Owner: Todd & Jill Brodie, Applicant:  Ryan Dundon, Dundon Construction.  Regulated Activity Permit to reinforce and modify existing rear deck within 100 ft upland review area

23-14 Application Documents

23-15 821 Green Hill Rd., Map 7, Lot 8.  Owners/Applicants:  Erin and Charles Mannix, Jr., Regulated Activity Permit to construct 7ft x 16ft open porch to south side of existing barn within 100 feet upland review area.

23-15 Application Documents

23-18 19 St. Francis Woods Rd.  Map 113, Lot 37.  Owners/Applicants: James and Robyn-Allise Hyland.  Regulated Activity Permit for septic repair within 100ft inland wetland review area.

23-18 Application Document


Special Walk Meeting Minutes February 25, 2023

Regular Meeting Minutes February 6, 2023

 Regular Meeting Minutes of March 6, 2023

 Special Walk Meeting Minutes of March 18, 2023

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The Town of Madison does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and the meeting facilities are ADA accessible.  Individuals who need assistance are invited to make their needs known by contacting Debra Ferrante at 203.245.5644 or by email to ferranted@madisonct.org at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.