Monday, March 2, 2020                             7:00 P.M.            Meeting Room A, Town Campus      

PUBLIC HEARING (scheduled for 7:00 p.m.):   

18-43.  16 Georgetown Circle.  Map 131, Lot 18.  Owner/Applicant:  Virginia Guilfoyle.  Regulated Activity Permit for solar lights around perimeter of pond.  Also seasonal aerator with three lights in the pond and decorative lighthouse at perimeter of pond.  

20-01.  119 Race Hill Road. Map 139, Lot 20.  Owners/Applicants:  Gerald & Sandra Gerletz.  Regulated Activity Permit to remove decomposed leaf litter from existing pond.  

20-02.  316 & 324 Copse Road.  Map 65, Lots 4-4+5.  Owner/Applicant:  David J. Viola Jr.  Regulated Activity Permit to permit 4-bedroom house, driveway, septic system and associated grading 35 feet of an Inland Wetland.  

20-03.  35 Old Toll Road.  Map 139, Lot 6.  Owner:  Charles Gorman; Applicant:  Pro Custom Solar dba Momentum Solar.  Regulated Activity Permit for installation of a ground mounted solar array 13.9+/- ft. from an Inland Wetland.  Receipt.

20-06.  322 Horsepond Road.  Map 80, Lot 19/4.  Owner/Applicant:  Drew Landon.  Regulated Activity Permit for extensions of gutter drains into a wetland.  Receipt.

20-07.  41 Windward Lane.   Map 27, Lot 19.  Owners:  Myron H. Brand & Marshal D. Gibson, Trustee; Applicants: Myron H. & Sandra Brand.  Regulated Activity Permit for new pool and landscape improvements in and within a wetland review area.   Receipt.

20-08.  175 Copse Road.  Map 47, Lot 24.  Owner/Applicant:  Debolina, L.L.C.  Regulated Activity Permit to demolish building and replace with a 2-story, 7,436 sq. ft. Community Center, and septic system for the Community Center and existing Stone House within 18.4 ft. of an inland wetland.   Receipt.

Section 13 Approval:  

20-04.  58 High Hill Circle.   Map 110, Lot 40.  Owner/Applicant:  Clark Street Properties, LLC.  Regulated Activity Permit for emergency septic system repair within 51 ft. of an Inland Wetland.       Approved February 7, 2020.

20-05.  20-05. 42 Old School House Road.  Map 63, Lot 38.  Owners/Applicants:  Mark & Linda Nedell.  Regulated Activity Permit for emergency septic system repair within 56 ft. of an Inland Wetland and Watercourse.   Approved February 7, 2020.

20-09.  61 Nutmeg Lane.  Map 81, Lot 1.  Owner/Applicant:  Earl A. Carta.  Regulated Activity Permit for emergency septic system repair and associated repairs within 14 ft. of an Inland Wetland.  Approved February 21, 2020.

Approval of Minutes:    Regular Meeting Minutes of November 4, 2019.
             Regular Meeting Minutes of February 3, 2019.      
Remarks:     Inland Wetlands Chairman  
            Inland Wetlands Officer


The Town of Madison does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and the meeting facilities are ADA accessible.  Individuals who need assistance are invited to make their needs known by contacting the Town’s ADA/Human Resources Director Debra Milardo at 203.245.5603 (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf Number (203) 245-5638) or by email to at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.