Charter Review Commission (Ad-Hoc)

In accordance with the Connecticut General Statutes, an Ad-Hoc Charter Review Commission is hereby established to review the current Town of Madison Charter, and make revisions to be submitted by April 30, 2022 to the Town Clerk. The final product of the Commission should produce an impartial legislative tool that is practical, clear, concise and upholds the commitment to government transparency. The Commission shall consider recommendations from the Board of Selectmen as well as other elected and appointed boards and commissions, Town staff, public input, and to evaluate and consider the work completed by the Ad-Hoc Government Study Committee.

  1. Committee


The committee will consist of seven members whose terms will expire upon acceptance or rejection of its final report by the Board of Selectmen.


  • Joseph MacDougald, Chair
  • Liz Daly
  • Matthew Gordon
  • Robert O'Connor
  • David Osterman
  • Joan Walker

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  1. Drafts
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