Absentee Ballot Instructions - Elections


This process is used for a state or federal election.


Download the Absentee Ballot Application from the website.  

Fill in the Application for Absentee Ballot clearly and completely using pen. We must receive the original signed application to issue a ballot.

In Section I, write your name, date of birth, your Madison address, and at least one means of contact in the designated spaces.

Section 1

In Section II, indicate how you would like to receive your ballot.  If you would like your ballot to be mailed to an address other than your Madison address, write it in the space provided.

Section 2

In Section III, give the date and type of voting event for which you would like to receive a ballot.

Section 3 Purpose of application

In Section IV, select which one of the six reasons for eligibility for absentee ballot in Connecticut applies to your situation.

Section 4 statement of applicant

Complete Section V only if it applies to your situation.

Section 5 for members of armed forces or temporarily residing overseas

In Section VI, sign and date your application. With your signature, you are swearing to the truth of the information and statements provided in this application.

Section 6 applicants declaration, signature and date

  •  Deliver in person or by mail to 8 Campus Drive, Madison, CT 06443.  
  • Your ballot will be prepared and either handed to you or mailed to the address you provided.


Your absentee ballot packet will come to you with several components: 

  1. Detailed instructions
  2. The ballot itself
  3. An inner envelope 
  4. An outer envelope

Cast Your Vote

sample ballot Complete the ballot by completely filling in the bubble next to the candidate(s) of your choice.  On a referendum question vote "Yes" or "No" by filling in the bubble next to the word.

Inner Envelope

  • When you have voted your ballot to your liking, place it in the inner envelope.  
  • This envelope has a large letter "B" on it.  
  • Seal the envelope, then date and sign it.

Inner envelope - be sure to sign it

Outer Envelope

  • Place the sealed and signed inner envelope into the outer envelope.
  • This envelope has a serial number on it; your name and address are also printed on this envelope. 
  • Seal the outer envelope.outer-envelope-addressed to clerkouter-envelope serial number and voter name and address

Return Your Ballot

In Person: bring your sealed ballot to the Town Clerk staff at 8 Campus Drive, Madison, CT 06443
By Mail: Add your return address and postage to the envelope before mailing.