Complete Streets

A Complete Streets Policy establishes the town’s commitment to making biking and walking safer and more accessible, primarily by making consideration of bike/walk improvements a priority when undertaking town road work projects.

Madison’s Complete Streets Policy, written by BPAC and approved by the BOS in May, 2018, was nationally recognized as one of the top 5 Complete Streets policies adopted that year.

View the Complete Streets Keynote Presentation to see the benefits of Complete Streets and examples of potential improvements for Madison in a presentation made to the BOS 

Complete Streets is a national movement supporting the creation of an integrated transportation network, designed to allow safe and convenient travel by all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, public transit users, persons with disabilities, seniors, youth and families. A Complete Streets policy fundamentally changes how we view our community, and how we design, build, and use our streets in order to further the health, safety, economic vitality, and environmental well-being of our town.

Annual Reports


Madison Approves Complete Streets Policy The Source - June 12, 2018

Madison Works Toward Complete Streets Policy The Source -  May 1, 2018