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Town of Madison honored for Creating
Healthy Workplaces

Stamford, Connecticut; February 5, 2019 - - The Business Council of Fairfield County hosted its Healthy Workplace Employer Recognition Program on Thursday, February 14th.

The Healthy Workplace Employer Recognition Program was established eleven years ago to highlight the efforts of employers who understand the competitive advantage of a healthy workforce. The recognition program is presented by The Business Council’s Health, Wellbeing and Safety Roundtable, with the leadership support of USI Insurance Services and UnitedHealthcare of CT, Inc. and generous assistance from ConnectiCare and Aon.

“Much like investing in your financial future, investing in your health can also yield dividends.  Employers and employees share responsibility for protecting and strengthening future physical and mental wellbeing,” commented Matthew Fair, Vice President, USI Insurance Services and co-chair of the Healthy, Wellbeing and Safety Roundtable. “A culture of wellness may start with an individual, but it is truly a team effort. Our 2019 Healthy Workplace honorees are being recognized for working collectively to achieve their goals of educating and motivating their workforce to take stock of and responsibility for their health.”

From encouraging physical activity and healthy behavior to managing chronic illness, these employers have made great strides in implementing a diverse range of programs within the workplace to assist their employees to live healthier lives. 

“These employers know the positive impact that creating a culture of health and wellness can have in and out of the workplace,” said Anthony Aguanno, UnitedHealthcare senior account executive and co-chair of The Business Council’s Health, Wellbeing and Safety Roundtable. “What makes these honorees stand out is how they collaborate with and support their employees to make their programs successful, and their employees and their families healthier.”

This year we are honoring 57 companies for their wellness achievements by four categories of distinction - Platinum, Gold, Silver and Innovation - awarded on the basis of program components and outcomes.  Madison was awarded Platinum for their efforts in bringing measurable health initiatives.

Town of Madison  Health  Wellness Award - Paula Carabetta
Healthy Workplace 2019 Platinum 300 Award