The Committee is charged with:

  1. Gathering information as detailed below;
  2. Providing said information to the public;
  3. And ensuring that a comprehensive and unbiased survey of Madison taxpayers and residents is conducted with regards to the future use of the Academy School building and fields using a polling firm specified by the Board of Selectmen.

In consultation with the polling firm, the Committee shall at a minimum consider possible uses for, disposition, and/or demolition of all or a portion of the Academy School building including cost estimates for each option.  By way of example, options to be considered should include:

  1. The entire parcel (building and field) or a portion thereof of the building for municipal use
  2. The entire parcel (building and field) or a portion thereof of the building for private use
  3. Public-private partnership arrangements
  4. The inclusion of the Island Avenue Property in any of the above options
  5. Full demolition and partial demolition options, including a recommendation on utilization of the property after any demolition

The Committee shall review and summarize the prior studies that have been conducted of the building in preparation of the survey/poll. Upon the completion of the survey/poll, the Committee shall report the findings to the Board of Selectmen.


Committee Meetings

The Committee shall meet as required to fulfill their charge.  Meetings will be noticed and include as a standing agenda item, public comment.


Committee Composition

The Committee shall consist of  7 members (a quorum will consist of 4 members) to include representatives from town historic groups, individuals that have served on past study committees, individuals that have contributed significantly to the recent public debate surrounding the private development proposals, and other individuals as determined by the Board of Selectmen to ensure the composition of the Committee represents a diverse array of interests and opinions. Municipal staff, including but not limited to the Director of Facilities, the Director of Finance, the Director of Planning & Economic Development, and the Director of Public Works / Town Engineer, shall serve as liaisons to the Committee on an as-needed basis. The term of the committee shall expire Tuesday, November 6, 2018; or until a referendum date has been determined.