BPAC Charge & Committee Members


The charge of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) shall be to develop a bicycle and pedestrian master plan and to forward such plan to Board of Selectmen for adoption, after review and recommendation by the Planning & Zoning Commission. The primary emphasis of the plan shall be to improve the town’s facilities and infrastructure that are critical to making participation in these activities safer and easier, and to promote public participation in the bicycle and pedestrian planning process. In addition to development of a bicycle and pedestrian master plan, BPAC shall also advise the Board of Selectmen on funding, projects, programs, and policies which help promote bicycling and walking as a means of transportation, recreation, and fitness.

The BPAC will consist of nine (9) members and two (2) Alternate members  to serve for one 24-month term. 


Visit the AGENDA CENTER for BPAC meeting agendas and minutes.

MemberTerm Expires
Sean Alexander1-1-2024
Bruce Beebe1-1-2025
John Biehn1-1-2024
Toni Davis1-1-2024
Lianne Herdle1-1-2025
Virginia Raff1-1-2024
Rachel Salvo1-1-2025
Ellen Weiss1-1-2024
Barbara Yaegar1-1-2025

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Student Advisors

  • Anna Steffan
  • Sullivan Redmond

Committee Alternates

  • Rachel Salvo
  • Barbara Yaeger

Town of Madison Liaisons