Town Hall Relocation

Town Hall offices to be relocated to Academy building, which will be renovated for municipal purposes. The existing auditorium and gymnasium in Academy to be renovated for community use.  

The Town Campus building to be converted into a community center.  The Police Dept and other Town Campus amenities, including the Arts Barn, gymnasium and tennis courts, to remain at Town Campus.  

Estimated Cost of Academy Restoration:   $14 million.  With federal and state historic preservation tax credits, the final cost could be reduced by $2 to $4 million.

Estimated Cost of Town Campus Conversion:   $5 million  

Total Project Estimated Cost:   $19 million (being a projected cost to each taxpayer annually, based on a 20 year bond, of $188 per average household assessment)

Operating Expenses: TBD. Part of Town’s annual budget.

Madison Town Offices