Madison's Top Dog

Madison’s 18th Annual Top Dog Contest Winner

Meet Madison’s 2020-2021 Top Dog, Sailor Gallagher, a 7-year old Standard Poodle. He came to Madison as a puppy and lives with his family Pam and Paul Gallagher whom he has trained very well. Like many a Madison resident, Sailor enjoys walking along the beach and swimming in the Sound. True to the breed, he retrieves sticks, frisbees and favorite dog toys. Sailor is the perfect alarm clock waking up every morning at exactly five a.m., ready for his daily mile or two beach walk. When catching sticks on the beach he tries to get into the water whether or not Pam or Paul agree. Due to an injury, he wears a brace on his hind leg but that doesn’t stop him from snagging frisbees out of the air or chasing squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks. He’s yet to catch an animal but he keeps trying. Sailor loves living in Madison and proudly wears Madison’s # 1 tag this year. 

The Town’s Clerk office started the Top Dog contest in 2004 to encourage residents to license their dogs during June, Dog Licensing month in Connecticut.  Every July a new winner is chosen by the previous winner. Ace Ronado Duffy, Madison’s 2019-20 Top Dog with a little help randomly choose this year’s winner. Congratulations, Sailor!

Top Dog Sailor & his family

The Madison "Top Dog" Contest is an annual drawing of all dogs who have had their license renewed during the month of June. The winning entrant (picked at random) will receive Tag No. 1!