Madison's Top Dog

Meet Ace Ronaldo Duffy, Madison’s New 2019-2020 Top Dog! On July 11th Madison’s 2018-2019 Top Dog, Paleo, came down to Town Campus and randomly choose this year’s winner, Ace. The Duffy Family could not be more proud! The Duffy’s two boys had been asking for a dog for quite some time. Their family had lost their Maltese and their yellow Labrador in 2013. Their boys were little at that time.  During a visit to Maine they met Bentley, a white labradoodle that was the combination of their past dogs.  They fell in love immediately.  He was a friendly and very calm dog.  They inquired and obtained the breeder’s information then placed an application for the next litter in 2017. Their boys wanted a male dog because they had already picked out the name Ace Ronaldo after their love for tennis and soccer.  There was only one male puppy out of the litter of seven.  Ace was born on September 14, 2017 and they picked him up the Monday before Thanksgiving in Portland, Maine.  He looked like a stuffed teddy bear with auburn hair and floppy ears when he was a puppy. Today, he is full grown at 35 pounds.  He had puppy training with a Madison resident who trains dog in New York City and also here in Madison.  Ace is very smart and not a big eater. In his free time he loves to play keep away and sleep.  He also enjoys playing tug, getting rubs and sitting on the kids’ laps.  He only barks when someone comes to the door and he loves everyone. He is low maintenance besides his hair which needs a trim every five weeks or so.  Ace has brought so much joy to The Duffy’s lives.  They always smile when they see him! Congratulations to Ace for being Madison’s Top Dog! 

The Madison "Top Dog" Contest is an annual drawing of all dogs who have had their license renewed during the month of June. The winning entrant (picked at random) will receive Tag No. 1!