Madison's Top Dog

The Madison "Top Dog" Contest is an annual drawing of all dogs who have had their license renewed during the month of June. The winning entrant (picked at random) will receive Tag No. 1!


Meet Madison's #1 Dog, Mimi 

Mimi Davis, proud companion to Mary and Jeff Davis is Madison’s 2021-2022 Top Dog! Born and raised along the shoreline in Connecticut, Mimi is a summer puppy born seven years ago in June of 2014. A yellow Labrador Retriever she loves people, long walks and being social. She specializes in being super outgoing and affectionate, only barking occasionally to say hello to her dog friends. Nothing in her book is better than playing with Mary’s and Jeff’s grandchildren who come and visit every summer from the Midwest, followed by her weekly Hammonasset State Beach Park walks. When Jeff and Mary take Mimi for a jaunt with friends, their friends love to claim her as theirs! Her kind and caring personality really shines regardless if she knows them or not. 

On Wednesday July 14, Madison’s 2020-2021 Top Dog, Sailor, randomly choose this year’s winner to wear Tag #1. In 2004, Madison started the contest to encourage residents to follow State law and renew their dog’s license in the month of June. The Town of Madison would like to Congratulate Mimi for participating by wearing Tag #1 and representing Madison.

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