Madison's Top Dog

The Madison "Top Dog" Contest is an annual drawing of all dogs who have had their license renewed during the month of June. The winning entrant (picked at random) will receive Tag No. 1!


Justin & Amber Beaumont are proud owners of Madison’s 2022-2023 Top Dog!

This year’s winner, Atlas is a seven year old German Shepherd mix. Atlas found his way to the Beaumonts via a halfway home rescue after a rough start to life in Georgia. With his ribs showing, and a broken pelvis they soon found out just how much love this good boy still had to offer. Atlas now enjoys the good life, where all beds and couches are his to rule. His favorite leisure activities include a good hike or walk on the beach, though they come second to his favorite pastime of cuddling with his people. Atlas enriches their lives as much as they hope to enrich his, and he is very excited to be given the honor of wearing Madison’s #1 dog tag this year. Congratulations to Atlas and the entire Beaumont Family.


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