School Based Counseling

Children struggling with behavioral, attentional, and/or social-emotional challenges often need additional support in school to be available for learning and maximize their academic success. Children often have difficulty “leaving their problems at the door” upon arrival to school.  Providing children with an opportunity to easily access support in their natural environment at a time they are struggling is crucial to help them problem solve and switch gears.

Our School-Based Clinicians are licensed mental health professionals, stationed at Polson Middle School and Daniel Hand High School.  While our clinicians operate within the school community, they are independent entities.   This means conversations with parents and children remain confidential, and are not shared with school personnel unless written permission is obtained.   

School-Based Clinicians are also instrumental in assisting students and their families with comprehensive, case management to ensure carry over of support extends beyond the school walls and includes support within the home and within the community.  Families with outside mental health providers, in-home services, and DCF involvement will benefit from the extensive wrap around services our School Based Clinicians are able to deliver.

Our School-Based Clinicians provide consultation and collaboration with school personnel and parents on more significant student mental health concerns, along with assessing for personal safety and conducting safety planning sessions as needed.  

School based counseling is free and confidential.  To speak to a School-Based Clinician at your child’s school, please contact us.  

Polson Middle School:
Taylor Pisano, LMFT at (203) 245-6467

Daniel Hand High School:
Erin Corbett, LCSW at (203) 245-6380.