Positive Youth Development

Positive youth development (PYD) is an intentional, pro-social approach that engages youth within their communities in a manner that enhances youths’ strengths and promotes positive outcomes for young people by providing them opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and furnishing the support needed to build on their leadership skills

The Developmental Assets® Framework Search Institute has identified 40 positive supports and strengths that young people need to succeed. Half of the assets focus on the relationships and opportunities they need in their families, schools, and communities (external assets). The remaining assets focus on the social-emotional strengths, values, and commitments that are nurtured within young people (internal assets).  All of our PYD programs work towards empowering kids to attain all 20 of the external assets and aiding students to cultivate their internal assets.

Ryerson elementary school
Jeffrey School
Brown Intermediate School
Daniel Hand-HS