Rockland Bike Park

What is Rockland Bike Park?

In 2017, members of the biking community fundraised and built a pump track and some skills park features that comprise Rockland Bike Park.  It is accessible from the route 79 (Durham Road) entrance.   There is a family bike area surrounding the natural playground on the south side of the lot and the pump track is on the west side of the lot.  The skills area is adjacent to the lot and pump track.  The twenty miles of cross country trails can also be accessed by the east loop trail at the pump track.   


berm and rollers

What is a Pump Track?

One element of our plan is to install a pump track.  A pump track is a continuous loop of multi-level dirt that allows cyclists to generate speed without pedaling. The pump track derived its name from the pumping motion of the upper and lower body used by cyclists for balance while they bike on such a track!

Why a Pump Track at Rockland Preserve? 

Besides being a fun activity that gets kids outdoors, riding a pump track is an excellent form of exercise that can be performed by anyone on any non-motorized bike.  A pump track can be used recreationally, as cross training for other sports, or as a way for youngsters to increase bike-handling skills away from traffic.

Basic Anatomy Of A Pumptrack

  • Small loop of trail
  • Trail consists of berms and rollers
  • Users “pump” their bicycle to generate speed, not pedal - Focus is on skill development & fun

What is a Skills Area?

A skills area is a dense area of bicycle challenges that work to improve balance and skill.  It is safe and appropriate for various ages and skills.  Many of the challenges at the skills area are already familiar to singletracks users including skinnies (log rides), rollers, table tops, and rock challenges.

1 Biketracks
2 Biketracks
3 Biketracks
4 Biketracks

Pump Track Maps - Click on images

Rockland Bike Park Map 2019
rockland pump track 2017- 2-72

Donor Board

Thank you to our Donors.  These individuals and organizations have supported efforts to build Rockland Bike Park.

Big Ring Donors At Least $3,000


PELOTON     $500 - $2,999

AR Autobody
cutting edge

Pattaconk Lawn and Landscape

Lyon Construction

Chain Gang  $50 - $499

Mark Savaikis
William Kurtz
Elizabeth Krajewski
Cliff White
Martin Piekarski
Brian Holdt, Airline Cycles
Keegan Construction
Buckley Associates, Inc
William Kurtz
John Bianchi
Sean Colvin
Richard Hale
Susan Engelhardt
Jason Engelhardt
Anthony Pellegrino
Susan O'Rourke
Area Marketing Associates
Glenn Duzy
Daniel Flickinger
Matthew Waterman
David Kahn
Elizabeth Krajewski
Tatia Winecoff
Howard & Susan Rashba
Joseph Locke
Ken Roe
North Madison Wine and Spirits
Brian M Holdt
The Liquor Emporiam
Guilford Savings Bank

Chain Gang $50 - $499

American Lecithin Company
Patrick Ahlberg
Spencer Meyer
Mark Bolling
Helen Savage
Ryan Lucero
Glenn Vernes
Lou Blasi
John Puziss
Robert Makas
Aaron Rashba
Barb Lombardi
Betsey Doane
Brian Campanelli
Jon Northway
Kimberly Edwards
Diana Grabsch
Lisa Culmone
John Biehn
Dave Danenberg
Richard Kabara
Andrew Keating
V. Xaypanya
Keith Coughlin
Cody Blanton
Christian Beisel
John Beihn III
Brian M Holdt
Ken Roe
Roy Decker
Christopher Hageman
Tom and Kathy Faillas

Chain Gang $50 - $499

James Ricci
Rocky Progano
Jon Martin
Suburban Sport, Inc.
Anthony Parent
Edward Desplaines
Douglas Kalwat

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