Singletracks of Rockland


The Singletracks of Rockland (SOR) are a flowing, feature packed tour of the 650 acre property.  These trails were  built for mountain biking, trail running, and other non-motorized use by a completely volunteer workforce.  Conservatively, volunteers have donated 5000 hours of hard work since 2012 to build the trails and keep them in pristine condition.   Volunteers have included local students and a variety of energetic and talented adults.  NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association) has provided organizational and material support throughout the evolution of SOR.  Trail users are expected to adhere to The Code which is posted at each entrance and encourages responsible and ethical use.  Users should get updates or contact the volunteer management through the facebook site for Singletracks of Rockland.


Trails thread through the preserve in a stacked loop system with various access points.    Parking lot locations are aligned with challenge level of the trails.  Beginner level users should access the trails at the 99 Renee's Way entrance and tour the Erratica Loop from the Bee Line access.  Intermediate users should access the trails at the Rte 79 (Durham Road) lot across from Samantha Lane and climb first on the East Loop.  Advanced trail users looking for the most difficult trails should access either at the 79 lot or at the Dead Hill Road entrance in Durham, where they can enter Mag-5 or the Pisgah Trail in Durham.

Planning your route

Maps include location markers to help users navigate the preserve.  The Rockland Challenge XC loop is to visit locations M-M12 in order.  This loop is approximately 15 miles of singletrack.  Many users select parts of the loop based on their interests to build a perfect trip.

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