Swimming Pool Information

Separating Distances for Private Pools per Connecticut Public Health Code 

 Item  In-Ground Pool Above-Ground Pool
 Septic leaching area25 Ft10 Ft
Septic Tank25 Ft10 Ft
Well25 Ft25 Ft
House/Property LineCheck with building/zoning official


  1. Pool accessory structures (decks, filter sheds, etc.) must be a minimum of 10 feet from a septic system or tank.
  2. If your pool filtration system requires backwash to clean the filter media, then a properly sized drywell or leaching area is required for discharge of filter backwash water. The drywell must maintain a 75 foot separation distance from any water supply well.
    Note: Backwash water is not allowed to discharge to the house septic system!
  3. Any pool is considered a permanent structure, and the requirements of 19-13-B100(a) of the Connecticut Public Health Code must be met for the Health District to grant pool approval.