Singletrack Loops

Loop Descriptions

East Loop (red arrows)

Each loop has characteristics suitable for different styles of trail users.  The East Loop (red arrows) starts from the 79 lot with a mostly gradual climb of nearly 300' in the first mile of trail.  Riders will encounter an intersection with the Summit Loop (blue arrows) where they may continue climbing to access the other loops or they can continue around the flowy, contoured continuation of the East Loop.  Alone, the East Loop is 3 miles and after the initial climb it is has a lot of downhill riding with sweeping turns and contour hugging trails.   

Summit Loop  (blue arrows) 

The Summit Loop (blue arrows) gathers trail users at the M2 location and sends them through 5.5 miles of flowing, feature packed trail.  Mary's Ghost leads users through a sidewinding sled ride and along the craggy East face of Rockland Preserve.  It points users to the Thunderdome trail where users can opt to continue along Thunderdome for lots of features on winding flat trails or along Dirt Church for more features along contour hugging trails mostly downhill.  Each option directs users back to the Darkside to close the Summit loop with a thrilling climbing path up to Bambi.  At Bambi, users will see the M3 sign and options to connect with other loops or continue around and back downhill to the East Loop and the 79 lot.  

Erratica Loop (blue arrows)

The Erratica Loop (black arrows) links at the Bambi rotary at M8.  There is a short connector segment to M9 where users can continue along Bee Line to the Renee's Way lot or follow the Erratica trail.  The Erratica Trail is marked beginner based on the challenge level found by riding around obstacles.  However, there are many options along this trail to raise the challenge level to almost an advanced level.  Additionally, this trail is at least 3 miles, so true beginners may not prefer this option.  The trail starts downhill through carved turns and then climbs back through the center of the space past a giant glacial erratic that gave the trail its name.  It continues to wind uphill with plenty of breaks for obstacles and features.  A favorite feature appears near the end of the Erratica trail where it splits left for the beginner option or right to the brown mounds pump line (expert only).  All options converge at M10 and then direct users back along the yellow trail to M11  with options back to the lots or the Bambi rotary.

Mag-5 Loop (yellow arrows)

Alternately, from Bambi, users can connect with the Mag-5 loop (yellow arrows).  Mag-5 represents the 5 magnificent trail segments that make the loop.  From the juncture with Bambi at M8, users wind down and around a bony, jarring and exciting 2+ miles of the most challenging terrain within Rockland Preserve.  Mag-5 has plenty of stunt options along with steep climbs and descents along rock-lined ridges.  Mag-5 parallels the Rockland Trail fire road which allows option for return to the Bambi intersection or out to the Dead Hill Road entrance.

Northern Exposure (purple markings, Pisgah Area in Durham) 

Users with boundless energy seeking even more thrills can continue past the North Gate along Dead Hill Road to the Pisgah property in Durham, where they can test their skills along the Northern Exposure loop (purple markers).  The Northern exposure trail is at least as challenging as the Mag-5 loop at Rockland with the most climbing and rocky outcrops anywhere in the region.