State Beach

Town of Madison
Beach & Recreation Department
Park Use Guide

For your enjoyment and safety at our beaches and parks, we would like you to be aware of these excerpts from the Town of Madison Beach Ordinances: Section 14-54 thru 14-56:

  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed, in cans or cups only, in the Surf Club Picnic grove until 9 PM. Alcohol is not permitted on any Beach, Athletic Field or Parking Areas.
  • The designated area for the consumption of alcohol is within the picnic area of the Surf Club from the Surf Club Building to the beginning of the boat rack area, from the seawall to the edge of the parking area. The game circle is considered part of the picnic area and, as such, alcohol is allowed to be consumed in this area. 
  • Glass and Bare Feet don’t mix – Please NO GLASS Bottles or Containers in our parks. 
  • Please help our maintenance efforts by not littering.  Please use the dumpsters or barrels located on the beach or Athletic Fields.  
  • All fires must be in the grilles located in the picnic area of the Surf Club. All fires shall be for cooking purposes only.  
  • Pets are permitted in the parking areas only throughout the year at East or West Wharf Beach and must be on a leash. 
  • Pets are permitted at the Surf Club throughout the year.  AT ALL TIMES, pets must be leashed and are allowed ONLY in the Parking Lots and Nature Trail.  They are NOT PERMITTED in the Picnic Area, on the Beach or any athletic field at ANY TIME. 
  • Abusive or threatening language will not be tolerated. 
  • Group gatherings of 50 or more people shall be required to obtain prior written permission from the Beach and Recreation Office. Permission shall not be granted for large groups during the Beach Pass Season (Memorial Weekend – Labor Day)  
  • Frisbees and balls are not allowed on the beach. Please keep them in the open areas of the picnic area or on an Athletic Field.  
  • Obscene conduct or nudity will not be tolerated. 
  • Diving/jumping from wharves, docks, walls or rocks are not permitted.  
  • For Safety reasons, Inflatable toys, rafts and personal flotation devices other than Coast Guard Approved life jackets are not permitted. 
  • Fishing is allowed only from the wharves at East and West Wharf Beach.  
  • Boats shall keep a distance of 100 yards from the Swimming Area Designation Markers.  
  • Golfing is not permitted on any Town of Madison Athletic Field. 
  • Speed Limit in all Town Parks is 10 MPH. No Motorized vehicles are allowed on beaches.  
  • Smoking permitted in designated “Smoking Area” ONLY – indicated by “Blue Buckets”   
    Not allowed in picnic areas, athletic fields, or on beaches.

Beach Parking Stickers

Please read the Beach Season Report