Administrative Procedures For the Use of Madison Senior Center
The building known as the Madison Senior Center is under the supervision and coordination of the Senior Services Department/Commission.

Taxpaying Madison residents and Madison business owners (not employees of) are eligible to utilize the facility. Madison facilities cannot be used for individual or corporate personal enterprise where admission fees are charged or where selling a product/service is the purpose of the gathering (i.e., investment seminars).

Permission to use the Senior Center, must be obtained from the Senior Services Director or his designee. All requests are to be submitted in writing on a "Facility Request Form" with a live signature (faxed forms will not be accepted), by a Madison resident. The individual whose name appears on the Facility Request Form must be present for the full duration of the event. All event related questions will be communicated to this individual by department staff. Any changes, additions or deletions to the requested dates and times must be submitted to the Director or his designee for approval.