Citizen Complaints

From the Chief

Dear Community Member:

Thank you for your concern about the Madison Police Department. The attached form is provided for making reports of complaints about a member of the Madison Police Department.

Complaints may be discussed immediately with the Shift Supervisor. In the event you do not wish to make a report to the Shift Supervisor, a complaint may be filed with the Operations Officer or the Chief of Police. Complaints may be made using the attached form, in person, by letter or any other appropriate means. Third party or anonymous complaints will also be accepted. All complaints will be investigated to the extent possible based upon the information provided.

The Shift Supervisor may, if appropriate, resolve minor complaints at the time received to the satisfaction of the complainant. In such cases, the Shift Supervisor will notify the Chief of Police, or his designee, as soon as possible, in writing, the nature of the complaint, the desire of the complainant and the disposition of the matter. The Chief of Police will receive notification of all complaints.

In the event an immediate resolution cannot be reached, or that the complaint is of such a nature that the Madison Police Duty Manual requires the notification of the Chief of Police, the Chief of Police will appoint a supervisor to fully investigate the matter. The supervisor conducting the investigation may contact the complainant to obtain additional information that may be needed to thoroughly investigate the complaint. The Chief of Police will notify the complainant of the receipt of the complaint and will provide periodic updates of the status of the investigation.

The complainant will be notified in writing at the conclusion of the investigation of the disposition of the matter.

Again, thank you for your concern.


John "Jack" Drumm
Chief of Police