Crime Tip Line

Crime Tip Line

(203) 245-6591

Crime tips can be left anonymously on this line, or the caller can leave identifying information. Messages left in this voice mailbox will be checked routinely by members of the Department's Criminal Investigation Division and Shift Supervisors.

Crime Tip Email System

The Department has also introduced a Crime Tip Email System. The public can email crime tips directly to the Department. Emails sent will be monitored routinely by members of the Departments Criminal Investigation Division and Shift Supervisors.

Using either method, callers and/or authors of emails should be as specific as possible in terms of the type of crime, time and date of occurrence, general information concerning the crime or activity, description of people involved and motor vehicles used.

Official Complaints

Neither the Crime Tip voice mailbox nor the Crime Tip email account are designed for filing official complaints with the Police Department and the public should not use either method to report emergency incidents or crimes in progress. Routine police complaints should be filed by calling the Department at 203-245-2721 and requesting police assistance.

Emergency matters should be called in on the Department's 911 emergency line.