Water Testing For Uranium

As of mid February, 2009, the Madison Health Department has received information about 150 well water tests for uranium throughout town, and about 15% of these well waters have uranium greater than the EPA standard of 30 micrograms per liter. Residents are urged to test their well water for the presence of uranium.

Water Testing
Uranium is a common element in bedrock in many parts of Connecticut and water from some drilled wells in Madison is likely to contain a detectable level of uranium. The form of uranium most common to this area does not pose a risk of radiation poisoning due to a half-life in the billions of years, but it is also a heavy metal and like cadmium, lead or other metals, it can accumulate in kidneys and in high concentrations over extended periods of time can adversely affect kidney function. Residents concerned about the potential health risks of uranium are encouraged to have their well water tested.

Three laboratories in Connecticut are licensed to test for uranium in including one in Madison. Other labs will arrange to ship samples to approved labs. Listed below are labs that are approved to test for uranium. For more information about uranium in drinking water go to the following websites.
Approved Labs
  • Environmental Consulting Laboratories
    Madison, CT
    Ph: 203-245-0568
  • MHW Laboratories
    Monrovia, CA
    Ph: 626-386-1100
  • Hazen Research, Inc.
    Golden, CO
    Ph: 303-279-4501
  • Paragon Analytics
    Fort Collins, CO
    Ph: 970-490-1511
  • Premier Laboratory, Inc.
    Dayville, CT
    Ph: 860-774-6814
  • RSA Laboratories, Inc.
    Hebron, CT
    Ph: 860-228-0721
  • KNL Laboratory Services, Inc.
    Tampa, FL
    Ph: 813-229-2879
  • Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
    South Bend, IN
    Ph: 574-233-4777

  • TestAmerica
    St. Louis, MO
    Earth City, MO
    Ph: 314-298-8566
  • Eastern Analytical, Inc.
    Concord, NH
    Ph: 800-287-0525
  • Life Science Laboratories -
    Brittonfield, NY
    East Syracuse, NY
    Ph: 315-437-0200
  • Waste Stream Technology, Inc.
    Buffalo, NY
    Ph: 716-876-5290
  • Benchmark Analytics
    Center Valley, PA
    Ph: 610-974-8100
  • PACE Analytical Services, Inc. -
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Greensberg, PA
    Ph: 724-850-5600
  • GEL Laboratories, LLC
    Charleston, SC
    Ph: 843-556-8171