Temporary Food Service Events

The Madison Health Department wants public events sponsored by all organizations to be successful and safe. To that end, event organizers who are including food service as part of their event are required to register the event with the Madison Health Department. It is incumbent on each sponsoring organization to ensure that those involved in food service have adequate knowledge and take appropriate precautions to insure that the consuming public is safe from food-borne illness.

There is no charge for registration and the Health Department is confident that if volunteers adhere to the procedures outlined in the temporary event information packet, your event will meet the requirements of the Connecticut Public Health code. The order of events is as follows:
  1. Obtain a Temporary Event Packet by email, download (PDF), telephone (203) 245-5681, or stop in the Land Use Office.
  2. Please complete and return the data sheet to our office after reviewing the guidelines.
  3. After reviewing the returned information, we may contact you. Depending on the nature of your event, we may want to discuss details with you or provide you with further information.
  4. We may inspect the food service operation at your event to ensure that food safety procedures are being followed. An inspection form is included with the temporary event information packet to give you an idea what we would look for during an inspection.
  5. After the event, be sure to keep the completed Food Server Log for 90 days. This requirement is important because in the rare event of illness as a result (or believed to be a result) of food served at your event we will need to conduct a food "Food Service Outbreak Investigation" to see if the cause of the illness can be determined and to determine if volunteer workers may have been exposed to some food-borne disease. As a practical matter most groups save their information from year to year which they use as a guide for the following year.
The Madison Health Department will be happy to consult with you to help Ensure the safety and success of your event.