Food Safety Inspections

Food Safety Inspection Program
Section 19-13-B42 of the Connecticut Public Health Code requires inspections be conducted on a regular schedule. The Madison Health Department ensures that these schedules are adhered to.

The core of Madison Health Department's Food Safety Program is an inspection routine conducted in all food service locations in town, including restaurants, catering facilities, bakeries, schools, nursing homes and day care facilities where food is prepared. As mandated by the state, food service facilities are divided into 4 categories, depending on the type of food served and are inspected one, two, three or four times per year. Inspections are unannounced and are graded on a debit system with points deducted for failure to adhere to provisions on a checklist devised by the state Department of Health. Facilities are required to get a passing score and if they do not, they are re-inspected approximately two weeks after the first failure. The Health Department also reviews all plans for new proposed food service establishments and additions/renovations to existing operations.

Qualified Food Operators
Class 3 and 4 facilities are required to employ a qualified food operator (QFO), someone who has completed and passed the Serve Safe food sanitation course. They are also required to designate an alternate to act in the absence of the QFO. The alternate is not required to complete the Serve Safe course, but should have equivalent food safety knowledge and the authority to act in the absence of the QFO.

The following websites provide information about upcoming QFO courses. A web search will turn up additional information, but be sure that any course you take is approved by the Connecticut Department of Public Health.