What to Expect

The Clinic Experience

The clinic process will move at a rapid and predetermined pace. Each family should choose an adult in good physical and emotional health to pick up medication. If you are the pick up person for your family, gather all the required medical information for each family member and fill out the required form before leaving home. If you are picking up for non-family members, get their completed information form as well as a signed authorization form. Take your personal identification, a cell phone if possible, and maybe a snack.

We hope the process will not be long, but there are no guarantees. Cooperation and patience by all attendees will be expected. no medication will be given without complete paperwork. Your trip will be much easier if careful attention is given when completing the required forms.


To get to the clinic, drive to one of the off-site busing areas. There you will board a bus, receive a brief orientation, be issued a fact sheet and medical forms (if you do not already have them) and be bused to the site. Everyone on the bus will enter the clinic foyer as a group where a further brief orientation will be given, after which everyone will enter the clinic proper. Additional forms will be available for those needing them. Tables will be available for filling out forms and there will be several volunteers there to answer questions.

If you are handicapped and have a valid state permit, you will be given a one-time parking pass to the clinic site as well as a fact sheet and any forms you require. You may then drive directly to the clinic. From your vehicle, go to the entry area, join one of the busloads of people for the orientation and go through the process detailed above before returning to your vehicle.


Next, go to the "Forms Completion" area where your forms and personal identification will be checked. Assuming all is in order, a nurse will indicate which medication will be issued to each person on your list and will initial your forms. You will sign the forms and proceed to the Dispensing Area where your forms will be reviewed and collected. You will receive the appropriate medications and dosage instructions, board the bus and return to your vehicle.

Medical Consulting

If you have serious medical concerns, we recommend you discuss them with your physician before taking any medication. Additionally, we hope to have some volunteer physicians available at the clinic site to answer medical questions.

Counseling & Other Accommodations

If you would like to discuss any emotional concerns about this process anyone in your family may have, we hope to have several counselors available.