Youth & Family Services Board


  • 7 p.m.
  • Meets the second Tuesday of every month (except for July and August)
  • Most meetings are held at the Madison Senior Center Conference Room.  Please check calendar or Agenda Center for location details.

Policies & Procedures

Members Party Term Expires
Andrea Aaron D 1-1-2026
David Buller, Chair
Kathleen Dess
R 1-1-2027
Christine Maisano R 1-1-2027
John Rogers D 1-1-2025
Beth Skudder U 1-1-2024
Sarah Snyder U 1-1-2025
Robert Xeller D 1-1-2024
Gail McGrimley R 1-1-2024
Kathy Rasimas R 1-1-2025
Cathy McGrady R 1-1-2026
Ryan McMillian D 1-1-2027
Student Liaisons
Darian McMahon
Rebecca Wahl