Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA)


  • 6 p.m.
  • Meets quarterly
  • 8 Campus Drive
    Meeting Room B
    Madison, CT 06443
  1. Wed Dec. 20

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Madison Meeting minutes and agendas
Members Party Term Expires
Mark Aron D 1-1-2024
Curtis Graham
R 1-1-2024
Thomas Hansen (Chair)
R 1-1-2026
Peter Pastore R 1-1-2026
Martin Brogie D 1-1-2026

Policies & Procedures

Under Connecticut State Statutes, the Madison Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) is required to implement policies and procedures to protect ground and surface waters of the state. In Madison, this is accomplished in part through the enforcement of the Public Health Code as applied to individual septic systems. This program is implemented by the Health Department in cooperation with the WPCA through the issuance of permits for all new and repaired on-site subsurface sewage disposal systems (septic systems). It also requires mandatory system pumping. All septic systems are required by Town Ordinance to be pumped out every 5 years. System pump outs are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Community Sewage

The WPCA also monitors and approves permanent maintenance agreements for community sewage systems permitted under state statutes. A community system is a septic system that services multiple residences (for example Legend Hill and The Mews).

If the WPCA identifies conditions that may create a community pollution problem, it can establish a Wastewater Management District (WWMD) where individual on-site systems may be required to have different design standards, mandatory maintenance requirements and/or advanced treatment systems. The WPCA has the authority to adopt and implement stricter wastewater treatment standards than required by the Public Health Code.


In meeting its responsibilities, the WPCA develops and updates a Water Pollution Control Plan and a Wastewater Facilities Plan, both of which are required by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). It also receives guidance through the Town's 10-year Plan of Conservation and Development and coordination with other boards and commissions.

Water Pollution control Authority Plan - 2018


  • Update of the Wastewater Facilities Plan (last updated in 1981)
  • Adopt new programs to comply with the town's 10-year plan
  • Revise the Water Pollution Control Plan
  • Meet the objectives of the Connecticut DEEP's Long Island Sound Study regarding nitrogen
  • Coordinate with state programs to address sea level rise
  • Comply with the Connecticut Plan of Conservation and Development
  • Adopt WWMD Standards