Community Crosswalk


What is a Community Crosswalk?  

Community Crosswalks use paint to color and create patterns to highlight marked pedestrian crossings.  Community Crosswalks are designed to highlight community spirit and bring artistic vibrancy to a town or city.  

How can I request a Community Crosswalk? 

Please review the design guidelines and submit the application below. 

How are requests evaluated?

Requests are evaluated on their artistic merit, creativity, and overall impact on the community.  The design should enhance community spirit.  The applicant will need to submit a completed application to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) for review. BPAC will evaluate the application and make a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen to accept or decline an application. The Board of Selectmen will make a final determination on the application. The Town reserves the right to reject any or all entries at any time in the review and selection process.  

What is the cost to install a Community Crosswalk? 

The cost including installation, ongoing maintenance, touch-ups and graffiti removal, as well as complete removal of the work at the end of the permit period will be paid fully by the applicant. The applicant will be presented with an estimate prior to the installation. All fees will be paid in full prior to installation, with money held in escrow for maintenance and removal.

Design Guidelines

The Town of Madison will select the location of the Community Crosswalk.  

To be compliant with minimum crosswalk standards, the design must include two white transverse lines with reflectivity that are a minimum of six feet apart. The Department of Public Works will install the white transverse lines and the design must fit within.

The design of Community Crosswalks must be solely for aesthetic purposes. The design may not contain logos, text, or advertising. Designs may not include brands, trademarks, profanity, obscene, or offensive material.

Artwork may not contain white, yellow or red in a way that can be confused as traffic control devices. Shapes that can be confused with traffic control devices also are not allowed, such as octagons or triangles.

The Community Crosswalk will remain in place for a period of one year from installation, with an opportunity for one, twelve-month renewal at the request of the applicant within 60 days of the anniversary of its installment Crosswalks will not be approved for more than twenty-four consecutive months. 

The installation of the Community Crosswalk will be done with Safety Control measures in place, by a company selected by the Town of Madison as the preferred vendor, or by the Department of Public Works, depending on the requirements of the approved design. Volunteers from the applicant on the day of installation are encourage to assist. 

Community Crosswalk Application

  1. Describe the intent and general design concept for your artwork.

  2. Please provide a full color image of your proposed design.  The design should be to scale, and must adhere to the required specifications listed in Community Crosswalk Guidelines on the template provided.  

  3. Community Support

    Applicants must notify all adjacent property owners by providing a copy of the application and design, including contact information, at least 14 days before the project start date.   

    Applicants are also responsible for obtaining and providing proof of support from the community.   Please provide letters of support from at least (3) community organizations. 

    Name, email and phone number of supporting organizations:

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