Facilities Committee - Ad Hoc


To assist the Board of Selectmen in making strategic decisions regarding the maintenance, repair, repurposing, lease, expansion, and/or sale of all Town building facilities and vacant land parcels


  • Develop a Town-wide facilities Master Plan to optimize space utilization and assist in long-term capital investment planning
  • Evaluate all existing town facilities and review suitability for current operations by leveraging completed studies and other resources
  • Determine any current needs for space and facility improvements
  • Identify properties for potential repurposing, lease or sale
  • Review longer term needs and make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and the Town’s Capital Improvement Program Committee (CIP), when applicable 
  • Evaluate and coordinate facility needs with the Board of Education and ancillary town properties, including the Scranton Memorial Library, Madison Hose #1, NOMAD, Ambulance Facility


  • Members and Chair appointed by the Board of Selectmen
  • 5 Regular Members: 1 BOS, 1 BOF, 1 BOE, and 2 public members
  • Liaisons: Facilities Director and Town Planner. Coordinates with other Town Departments and CIP Committee when necessary. 

Approved at Board of Selectmen October 11, 2022


  • Nicholas Conti
  • David Kadamus

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please complete the online Board and Commission Application.