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The purpose of the Academy Advisory Committee is to provide advice and make recommendations to the Academy Building Committee to ensure the design, construction, and improvements being made for the Academy Project are aligned with the specialized programming and municipal space needs anticipated to be included in the new facility.  This charge may be expanded by the BOS in the future to include other facility management policy and planning development.  


Members of the Academy Advisory Committee will serve at the pleasure of the BOS and establish rules for governance of the Committee, subject to the following provisions: 

  1. The BOS will appoint a Chair and Vice Chair
  2. The necessary quorum to conduct regular business shall be a simple majority of voting Committee members (5 members)
  3. Committee members will appoint one member, and one alternate member, to sit on the Academy Building Committee. 
  4. In the event of a tie vote regarding regular Committee business, the Chair will be empowered to break the tie.
  5. The Committee at times shall vote to make recommendations to the Academy Building Committee to ensure programming needs are being adequately reflected in the design and construction plans. Both the appointed and alternate member representative on the Academy Building Committee shall be bound to vote in favor of any recommendations made by Academy Advisory Committee with their vote. 
  6. Academy Advisory Committee is authorized to establish subcommittees (the "Subcommittees"), to designate the Chair and Vice Chair of each Subcommittee, and to fill all vacancies on the Subcommittees. The members of each Subcommittee shall be members of the Academy Advisory Committee. The Academy Advisory Committee shall determine the duties and responsibilities of each Subcommittee.
  7. Necessary expenses of the Academy Advisory Committee shall be included in the cost of the Academy Project.   The records of the Academy Advisory Committee shall be filed with the Madison Town Clerk and shall be made available for public inspection in a manner consistent with the requirements of the State of Connecticut Freedom of Information laws.

Membership Composition:

The Committee shall consist of (9) voting members:

(6) Six Members of the Public to be appointed by the BOS. It is preferable that members have a knowledge or background in recreation management, community programming, therapy, youth activities, education, art, music, dance, theater, sports management, , real estate development, interior design, health & wellness, and/or other cultural arts activities. 

(3) Three members from Town Staff, including the Director of Beach & Recreation, Director of Youth & Family Services, and the Director of Economic Development; or their designees.

(3) Non-voting Liaison members, including: (1) member of the Madison Youth & Family Services Board, (1) member of the Beach & Recreation Commission, and (1) member of the Economic Development Commission.