Referenda - Eligible Voters

Who is a voter in the annual Madison Town Budget Referendum and other items of business which appear on the ballot of a referendum?

A voter in Madison has certain voting rights as identified in the Madison Town Charter.

The following information is taken from the Madison Town Charter, and directs the Registrars of Voters as to who is a voter in a town referendum:

"The term “voter” when used in this Charter shall mean electors of the Town and United States citizen of the age of 18 years or more, who is liable, either alone or jointly and severally, to the Town for taxes on an assessment of not less than $1000 as shown by the last complete Grand List or otherwise by presentation of adequate proof."

Eligible to vote, first and most obvious, are the electors who make up the town’s registered voters. Your current and up to date registration status may be checked on the internet here, or by calling the Registrar’s office:

Check Your Registration Status

Second, and less obvious, are the Town’s taxpayers, who as defined by the Town Charter in the language shown above are: U.S. citizens; of the age of 18 years or more; who are either alone or jointly and severally liable to the Town for taxes on an assessment of not less than $1000 as shown by the last complete Grand List. An “assessment” would refer to an appearance on any of the three parts of the Grand List which consists of real estate, motor vehicles, or personal property.

There is an important distinction regarding taxpayers when referring to the language in the Town Charter that requires a voter must be a citizen of the U.S., be of age, and liable for taxes, in other words, a qualifying person. This does exclude by definition entities. Examples of more common entities that own property are: Trusts; LLC’s; Corporations.

Qualified persons may vote either at the polls, or via absentee ballot. When a taxpayer votes at the polls, they present themselves as a taxpayer rather than a registered voter, and will be qualified as such by a special process that will require signing an affidavit to that effect.

For answers to questions about this information, or other voting related questions please refer to the Registrars of Voters page of the Madison Town website, or email us at