Marijuana Legalization Advisory Committee - Ad Hoc


Effective July 1, 2021 the State of Connecticut passed SB 1201, An Act Concerning Responsible and Equitable Regulation of Adult-Use Cannabis. In accordance with this Bill, municipalities are empowered to make certain decisions for the usage and sale of marijuana.


  • The committee shall prepare a recommendation for the conditions of use and sale of marijuana within the Town of Madison, including but not limited to:
    • Regulations on usage on Town-owned or public property, including fines or penalties for consumption on public property, if applicable 
    • Establishment of municipal sales tax on the sale of cannabis
    • Recommend Zoning regulations or ordinances governing cannabis establishments 
    • Regulations for usage by Municipal employees
    • Law enforcement guidelines
    • Policies and programs for Prevention/Youth Services
  • Such plan shall be presented to the Board of Selectmen for review and approval to enable adoption of recommended regulations. 
  • An initial report to the Board of Selectmen will be due in January 2022. 

Committee Meetings 

The Committee shall meet as required to fulfill their charge. Meetings will be noticed and include time for public comment as a standing agenda item. The Committee shall hold at least one Public Hearing prior to their first report to the Board of Selectmen. The Committee may also consider the need for a public survey. 

Committee Composition

The committee shall consist of:

  • one (1) representative from the Board of Selectmen
  • one (1) representative from the Board of Finance
  • one (1) representative from the Board of Education
  • one (1) representative from the Planning & Zoning Commission
  • one (1) representative from the Economic Development Commission 
  • one (1) representative from the Youth and Family Services Board
  • one (1) representative from the Board of Police Commissioners 
  • three (3) additional members from the public. 

The Board of Selectmen will appoint the members of the public to the committee. 

Committee Members

  • Bruce Wilson, Board of Selectmen
  • Fillmore McPherson, Board of Finance
  • Maryanne Connelly, Board of Education
  • Giselle McDowell, Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Mark Steffan, Economic Development Commission
  • Bob Xeller, Youth and Family Services Board
  • Ann Rumberger, Board of Police Commissioners
  • David Courtney, Public Member
  • John Dobson, Public Member
  • Erin Girard, Public Member

Staff Liaisons

  • Catherine Barden, Youth & Family Services 
  • Doug Harkins, Madison Police Department 
  • Erin Mannix, Planning Department 
  • Trent Joseph, Health Director 
  • Lauren Rhines, Risk Manager