Virtual Town Meetings - With Voting

How to participate - Virtual Town Meeting
  • View the agenda online.
  • Town Meetings will use the Zoom Meetings platform. This is slightly different from the Town Webinar platform that is used for Boards and Commissions Meetings. 
  • At 6:00 p.m., the Registrars, Town Clerk and Town Services Coordinator will begin checking in electors and taxpayers to the Meeting. 
  • Use the link on the Town Website Calendar to access the Meeting
  • You will be put into a waiting room and each person will be moved one-by-one into the Meeting. 
  • When you are moved into the Meeting you will need to state the following: 
    • Your Voting District (1 or 2) 
    • Your First and Last Name
    • Your Street Address
    • When you have been instructed to, please put your license up to the camera so that the Registrars can verify you. Licenses will not be seen by other members, nor will this portion of the Meeting be recorded. 
  • If you are checked into the meeting, you will then be put into another “room” while everyone else in the waiting room is checked in.
  • When the Meeting begins, you will be moved back into the Main Meeting. 
  • While in the Main Meeting, you will be required to keep your camera on – and to keep your audio on Mute (unless specifically called on to speak). 
  • We will continue to check everyone in that arrives in the waiting room by 7:00 p.m. If at 7:00 pm we have not reached a quorum, all electors and taxpayers can be allowed into the meeting.
  • If there is a quorum, electors and taxpayers will vote on the items on the Call of the Meeting via the Zoom poll feature. 

Some housekeeping items: 

  • All persons must use a separate device to login to the meeting. If there are two members of your household, you will each need to access the meeting on an individual device. 
  • It will be easier to navigate the meeting using a laptop or desktop computer. You may use a tablet or cell phone, but may be more difficult if you are not familiar with using Zoom on these devices. 
  • Anyone who refuses to show their ID cannot be checked in. These persons will be removed from the meeting. Once they are removed, their email address cannot be used again to enter the meeting. 
  • Anyone who is not eligible to vote at the Town Meeting can access the meeting by using the call-in number or, by watching the live stream on YouTube

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