Government Study Committee (Ad Hoc)


  • The Committee shall consider different forms of government permissible under state statute and make recommendations for possible changes to Madison’s government structure and/or charter
  •  As part of its deliberations, the Committee should consider the following: 
    • Review existing charters of other municipalities in the state of Connecticut and look for “best practices”
    • Hold public workshops and/or input sessions to evaluate public opinion on feasible options
    • Conduct a public opinion poll to gauge community preferences 
    • Consult with appropriate town employees, governmental agencies, other municipalities, and outside consultants to assist in developing recommendations

Committee Meetings 

  • The Committee shall meet as required to fulfill their charge. Meetings will be noticed and include time for public comment as a standing agenda item.

Committee Composition 

  • The committee shall consist of seven members (a quorum will consist of four members) as determined by the Board of Selectmen.
  • Committee members may serve on any subsequent Charter Review Commission

Committee Timeline 

  • The Committee shall present the results of its review for public comment and make a final recommendation to the Board of Selectmen by May 2020. 

Revised 1/27/2020

Committee Members

  • Bob Polito - Chair
  • Robert Hubbard
  • Jean Ferris
  • Laura Noble
  • Bob Reinhardt
  • Peter Roos
  • Leo White
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In keeping with that charge, the Committee respectfully requests your thoughtful participation in the attached questionnaire as it will help guide and inform our fact finding process. Responses are not meant to be specifically about the current administration, but the overall government operations in Madison.

Thank You


Report of Findings - August 25, 2020