MONDAY – APRIL 10, 2017

8:00 a.m. Regular Session

1. Pledge of Allegiance 
2. Approval of minutes – March 27, 2017
3. First Selectman’s comments
4. Citizen comments


5. Update from Department Head – Public Works


6. Update on the Town Campus Baseball Field project.

7. Discuss and take action to approve the First Selectman signing a Public-Private Cooperation Agreement between the Town of Madison and the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library.

8. Discuss and take action to establish an Ad-Hoc Library Expansion Building Committee, consisting of seven members, to serve through project completion and whose charge shall be as follows: 

It is anticipated that the Library Expansion Building Committee will, without limitation:  
(1) Review the Architect’s design documents to evaluate, refine and update cost estimates and verify that the plans fulfill the purpose of the Library Expansion Project in a reasonable manner.
(2) Assist Scranton and the Architect in the creation of the construction bid package and in the determination of a list of eligible bidders to be invited to bid.
(3) Working jointly with Scranton and the Architect, evaluate all construction bids received and pursue any required bid clarifications.  
(4) Meet with the Architect, general contractor or construction manager as needed.  The Library Expansion Building Committee shall approve the final plans, specifications, bid documents and contract documents for the Library Expansion Project. 
(5) Following determination of the winning bid, create a schedule of estimated payments due in the Pre-Construction Period and in each subsequent Quarter, allocated as to Town Share and Library Share, as contemplated in the second paragraph of this Article I.
(6) Require the Architect to make regular reports to the Library Expansion Building Committee, to permit monitoring of the status of construction and change orders, and to keep the Library Expansion Building Committee up-to-date on all material developments.  If necessary, establish an oversight team to assure regular and knowledgeable in-the-field monitoring.
(7) Authorize the start of construction of the Library Expansion Project. 
(8) Verify that all required permits are in place and verify compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.
(9) Monitor the construction process of the Library Expansion Project, including meetings with the Architect, project manager, construction contractor, subcontractors, and/or any other necessary parties. 
(10) Establish liaisons and/or other means of communication to keep the Board of Selectmen and Scranton up-to-date on developments with respect to the Library Expansion Project. 
(11) Consider and act promptly on change orders, making certain that any increase in the cost involved in any change order is within the amount appropriated for the Library Expansion Project. 
(12) Monitor the preparation by the Architect of a list of items (punch list) which are not fully completed or which require further attention when the Architect has certified that the building is substantially complete. The Library Expansion Building Committee shall accept the building as substantially complete and make certain that the punch list items are completed promptly and properly. 
(13) Review the certification of compliance by the Architect that construction has been completed in compliance with contract documents and review the list of items that are not yet satisfactorily completed. 
(14) Review, approve and refer to Scranton for the payment, invoices with respect to the implementation of the Library Expansion Project.   
(15) Determine whether funds should be withheld from any payment request pending completion of any unfinished work or for any other appropriate reason, and approve the release of such funds when appropriate.  
Necessary expenses of the Library Expansion Building Committee shall be included in the cost of the Library Expansion Project.  The records of the Library Expansion Building Committee shall be filed with the Madison Town Clerk and shall be made available for public inspection in a manner consistent with the requirements of the State of Connecticut Freedom of Information laws.  Upon completion of the project, the Library Expansion Building Committee shall make a complete report to the Board of Selectmen and Scranton.

9. Discuss and take action to appoint the following seven members to the Ad-Hoc Library Expansion Building Committee: 
  • Billy Budd
  • Beth Crowley, Library Director
  • Curtis Graham 
  • Henry Griggs 
  • George Noewatne, Jr.
  • Mark D. Rolfe
  • Woodie Weiss

10. Discuss and take action on calling a Public Hearing on the preliminary Town and Board of Education budgets as recommended by the Board of Finance on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Walter C. Polson Middle School in accordance with Town Charter (10.5.E)

11. Discuss and take action to approve hiring Sarah Reed to the position of part-time Administrative Assistant located within the Health Department.  The position is Exempt; rate of pay is $16.46 per hour.  The position is budgeted, not requiring an appropriation of funds.  The position vacancy was created by a new position as approved by the Job Evaluation Committee and Board of Finance. 

12. Discuss and take action on appointing and promoting Guy MacPherson to the position of Superintendent of Highway.  The vacancy in the position was created due to the resignation of Mark Piccirillo.  The position is a Salary Grade 11, Step 5, $80,179.20 annually, salaried and exempt and is budgeted for in the Department of Public Work’s salary line item.

13. Discuss and take action to approve authorizing the First Selectman to apply for a targeted Historic Document Preservation Program Grant from the Connecticut State Library and to consider the Town Clerk as applicant for the Grant. 

14. Discuss and Take action on the lease modification between the Town of Madison and Motorola Solutions, Inc. to include Phase II site work contingency.       

15. Discuss and take action to approve a Resolution regarding a lease purchase agreement for the purpose of financing Police Vehicles and Related Equipment. This lease purchase agreement will be effective July 1, 2017 between the Town of Madison and Government Capital for four (4) 2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles as part of the Routine Vehicle Replacement Schedule.  

16. Discuss and take action to approve recommending changes to the Board of Finance Policies and Procedures Section 2, Appropriations to Reserve and Capital Projects Funds

17. Discuss and take action to approve a Special Appropriation request from the Public Works Department in the amount of $33,000 for snow removal services for the 2016-2017 season. 

18. The following line transfers are designated as routine and appropriate for approval as a single action by the Board of Selectmen, if so desired.  A board member may request removal of any line transfer item from the consent agenda for review and discussion.

Motion:  To approve Line Transfers totaling $41,591.00.

19. Tax abatements / refunds. 

20. Presentation from Fitzgerald & Halliday of a summary of findings from the Academy School survey and workshops. 

21. Citizens comments. 

22. Liaison Reports/Selectmen Comments

23. Adjournment