Meeting: Monday, April 10th, 2017, 7:30 PM
Meeting Room B, Madison Town Campus


1.  Call meeting to order 
2.  Call for additional agenda items 
3.  Application Review: 17-09CSP.  101 Garnet Park Road. Map 34, Lot 4. R-2 District.  Owner/Applicant:  Alket Meco.  Coastal Site Plan Review to demolish existing dwelling and detached garage and construct new dwelling with attached garage.

4. Application Review:  8198+CSP.  292 Neck Road.  Map 12, Lot 2.  R-3 District.  Owners:  Jason & Elizabeth Gold; Applicant:  Duo Dickinson architect.  Request to vary Section 2.17 of the Madison Zoning Regulations to permit expansion of existing garage within the 50 ft. critical coastal resource.  Coastal Site Plan Review required.

5. Application Review: 506 Summer Hill Road. Map 136, Lot 3. RU-1 District. Owners: Estate of Albert J. Alletzhauser. Two-lot subdivision.

6. Green-Up Clean-Up Day, April 22, 2017
7.  Natural Resource Inventory: reports on assigned sections
8.  Project/Issue Updates
Additional Public Education/Outreach for 2017: Facebook page, newspaper articles?
Invasive species: bamboo letter
Hammonasset River ecosystem restoration
Upcoming educational opportunities
International Dark Skies Week
Invasive Species ID and removal training debrief
 9.  Review and approve minutes for March 13th, 2017 meeting
10. Adjourn