Meeting: Monday, March 13th, 2017, 7:30 PM
Meeting Room B, Madison Town Campus


 1.  Call meeting to order 
 2.  Call for additional agenda items 
 3.  Application Review: #17-06.  473 Green Hill Road. Map 72, Lot 26.  Owner/Applicant:  Cherry Hill Construction Co., Inc.  Regulated Activity Permit and Subdivision Referral for a 3-lot subdivision.

 4. Application Review: #17-07CSP.  89 Stone Road.  Map 12, Lot 95.  Owner/Applicant:  Sea Clearly, LLC.  Coastal Site Plan Review to demolish existing dwelling and construct a single family dwelling and  pool house within the 100 ft. critical coastal resource setback.

 5. Application Review: 17-08.  Creamery Lane.  Map 85, Lot 35.  Owner/Applicant:  Madison Land Conservation Trust, Inc.  Regulated Activity Permit for wetlands restoration.   

 6. Green-Up Clean-Up Day, April 22, 2017
 7.   Project/Issue Updates
Additional Public Education/Outreach for 2017: Facebook page, newspaper articles?
Invasive species: bamboo letter
Hammonasset River ecosystem restoration
Upcoming educational opportunities
International Dark Skies Day
Invasive Species ID and removal training

 8.  Natural Resource Inventory: discussion of examples and assignments
 9.  Review and approve minutes for February 13th, 2017 meeting
10.   Adjourn