January 19, 2017

Madison Town Campus – Room B; 7:30pm


Public Comments

Approval of Minutes


Chairman’s Report –Steve Nikituk

1. Bills and Correspondence/Newspaper articles
2. Liaison with Clinton Shellfish Commission

3. Liaison with Guilford Shellfish Commission

4. 2017 Activities/DHHS Docker/Amenta students involvement with MSC

Commissioners’ Reports – Perry Rianhard

1. Replace buoy off of Seaview Beach

2. Scow Status
3. Waterbury Avenue – parking

4. Grady Status

Commissioners’ Report – Ted Raff

1. Treasurer’s Report

2. Commercial Leases

3. Manage shellfish License, Regulations and Maps

4. Manage weekend closing due to rainfall and rain gauge

Commissioners’ Reports – Bob Cika

1.  Boat Storage Report/Management of Equipment Inventory

2.  Manage upweller operation

Commissioners’ Reports – Dave Newton

1.  Meat & Water testing
2. Liaison with Bureau of Aquaculture

Commissioners’ Reports –Kristine Macesko
1. Oyster restoration Hammonasset River/Clinton Harbor
2. Liaison with town’s website and manage Facebook

Commissioners’ Reports –Eric Thal
1. Scallops
2. Sea Grasses
3. Water & Meat Samples

Commissioners’ Reports –Jack Edwards
1. Liaison with Mike Docker and Bryan Amenta
2. Liaison with Bureau of Aquaculture