Types of Clinical Services Available

Outpatient Clinic

Our Outpatient Clinic is located adjacent to the town green.  Our Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm by appointment.  Evening appointments are also available Monday through Thursday.  Please refer to our Sliding Fee Scale and Insurance Participation section of our website for more information.  We offer individual therapy for children age 0-21 as well as family therapy sessions.  Confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost importance to us.  Please call our Clinical Director Angela Ahern, LMFT at 203-245-5645 to schedule an appointment or learn more about how we can help your family.


Crisis Intervention

In the event of a life threatening emergency, please call 911.  There are times, however, that issues arise which are alarming any may or may not require immediate attention.  Licensed clinicians are available to help you figure out what type of intervention is needed to help your family.  During normal business hours, please call our main number 203-245-5645. For urgent matters after 5:00pm, please call our after-hours number, 203-988-1501 to reach a MYFS Clinician.

EMPS (Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services), a program run by Clifford Beers Clinic, provides 24 hour emergency evaluations in your home to assess if safety issues are present.  Services are free and confidential.  You may reach EMPS by dialing 211.

Parent Support Counseling (SCOPE)

Parent Support Counseling through the School Community Outreach Program Exchange (SCOPE) and Madison Youth & Family Services offers a variety of free services to parents of children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Services include: consultation on child development and positive discipline, education and support groups for parents, family advocacy, family assessment, referral for appropriate services, and crisis intervention.  Parent Support Counseling can also be provided for a fee (see MYFS Sliding Fee Scale) for non-SCOPE cases.  Please contact Sandy Ferrucci, LCSW at 203-245-5645 for additional information.

School Based Counseling

Children struggling with behavioral, attentional, and/or emotional challenges often need additional support in school to be available for learning and maximize their academic success. Our School-Based Clinicians are located at Brown Middle School, Polson Middle School, and Daniel Hand High School.  They provide counseling and support during your child’s school day.  School- Based Clinicians can help children with issues such as ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and navigating their social world.  School based counseling is free and confidential.  To speak to a School-Based Clinician at your child’s school, please contact us.  For Brown School, please call Taylor Scalia, MFT at 203-245-6414.  For Polson Middle School, please call Taylor Scalia, MFT at 203-245-6467.  For Daniel Hand High School, please call Erin Corbett, LCSW at 203-245-6380.

Drug and Alcohol Early Intervention and Education

A five session Drug and Alcohol Early Intervention and Education program is offered at Daniel Hand High School for children who have violated the drug & alcohol policy outlined in the student handbook.  The curricula covers topics such as how illegal substances impact the brain, helps students identify reasons for using substances, and help to develop healthier coping strategies in the future.  Referrals to this program can only be made by DHHS administrators and/or the Juvenile Review Board of Madison.  Parents interested in information and possible intervention for concerns related to drugs and alcohol are encouraged to call our main number, 203-245-5645.

Support Groups

Madison Youth and Family Services offer an array of support groups for parents and children.

Dissolving a Marriage, Saving a Family:  How to Keep Divorce from Hurting Your Kids
Looking for help while parenting through a divorce?  Consider taking our four week Parent Education program.  It is based on The Parents Forever Program and presented by Madison Youth & Family Services. Scholarships are available. For more information on when the next group is forming, please call (203) 245-5645.  While waiting for an opening in one of our upcoming groups, please download these handouts for some immediate tips:
  • What Children Need from their Parents during a Divorce
  • Communication and Divorce
  • Kids Rights
New groups continue to form throughout the year, in both school settings and in the community.  For an up to date list, please check back on our website regularly or call Madison Youth and Family Services at 203-245-5645.