Facility Rental Request Forms


Purpose : Individuals and Organizations that use Town facilities (Tenant Users) are not covered under the Town’s liability insurance. The Town requires that Tenant Users provide insurance coverage for events held at these facilities. The TULIP Program offers low cost General Liability and Liquor Liability Insurance for users of Town facilities. This insurance protects both the Town and the Tenant User against claims by “third parties” who may be injured or have property damage during a private event.

How to purchase this insurance:

  1. Visit the TULIP Insurance website https://www.onebeaconentertainment.com/
  2. Enter the Location Code that applies to the facility you will be using based on the table below
  3. Answer the basic questions on the website - make sure to tab through all questions, do not skip
  4. An online quote will be generated
  5. If you would like to purchase this coverage, enter the contact and credit card information and process and indicated
  6. Coverage is then bound and a Certificate of Insurance will be sent to you, the Tenant User and the Town.
  7. If you have problems, or your event is not listed, please call the number on the website.

Location Codes

Facility Name Address Location Code
Arts Barn 12 Campus Drive, Madison, CT OB65-009
Garvan Point 87 Surf Club Road, Madison, CT  OB65-003
Jaycee Field Scotland Road, Madison, CT OB65-005
Memorial Town Hall Meeting House Lane, Madison, CT OB65-006
Pavilion, East Wharf Beach Middle Beach Road, Madison, CT OB65-004
Strong Field 87 Surf Club Road, Madison, CT  OB65-002
Surf Club 87 Surf Club Road, Madison, CT OB65-001
Town Campus Gymnasium 6 Campus Drive, Madison, CT OB65-008
Madison Senior Center 29 Bradley Road, Madison, CT OB65-025
Town Campus: Upper & Lower Fields 8 Campus Drive, Madison, CT OB65-007