Counseling & Related Services

Madison Youth and Family Services (MYFS) has worked as an agency with the goal of connecting families with resources of all kinds, and developing in-house programs and services in the community to fill the gaps when they are identified. Our agency has developed over the years in response to the needs of the community.

Contact Madison Youth and Family Services at 203-245-5645 to inquire regarding the following:

MYFS Clinical Services, Information & Referral

We invite parents, kids, teens and community members to contact us with any concern. All calls are free of charge and confidential, and we can talk on the phone or arrange a meeting. We work first to understand the nature of a concern and from there will provide feedback, options and possible resources.

Madison Youth and Family Services has a clinical component that serves youth ages 6 years old to 21, who may have issues such as emotional/behavioral problems, family conflict, substance use/abuse, grief/loss, trauma, stress/confusion related to sexual orientation and/or identity, depression, anxiety, attention/concentration issues and/or school performance. The MYFS Clinical Department has a highly trained staff that is comprised several licensed clinicians and Master's level interns, and we can provide individual and/or family based psychotherapy.

Service Fees

Madison Youth and Family Services will not turn away any child or family based on their inability to pay for services. Our clinicians are "in-network" with several commercial and state insurances including HUSKY. We can also negotiate a fee according to our sliding scale fee when needed. Madison Youth and Family Services clinicians can provide assessment, treatment and case management for a variety of issues and circumstances. Above all we value relationships between our staff and our clients, and work from a strength-based perspective. We will collaborate with other agencies, including schools, when appropriate and permitted by parents/guardians. We do not have a psychiatrist on staff to work directly with clients. We can help families to locate a psychiatrist and/or APRN when further assessment or medication evaluation is being sought.

We have an extensive list of resources that include both private and non-profit programs and providers across the shoreline. For therapy, we can share with parents what we have to offer, as well as information regarding other therapy providers. Our job is not to steer families to any particular therapist or program. There are many factors to consider when deciding on right match. We encourage and support families to make informed decisions regarding their options, and we can provide a consultation along with information on resources with little or no ongoing contact.

School-Based Clinicians

Our School-Based Clinicians are located at Brown Middle School, Polson Middle School, and Daniel Hand High School. They can provide counseling and support during your child's school day. School- Based Clinicians can help children with issues such as substance abuse, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, grief, family issues, and navigating their social world. Children struggling with behavioral, attentional, and/or emotional challenges often need additional support in school to be available for learning and maximize their academic success.

School-based services are free and confidential. To speak to a School-Based Clinician at your child's school, please contact the MYFS main number, or call them directly. For Middle Schools please call Angela Ahern, LMFT, at Brown School 203-245-6414 and Polson 203-245-6467. For Daniel Hand High School, please call Erin Corbett, LCSW at 203-245-6380.

Drug & Alcohol Intervention and Education

A five-session Drug and Alcohol Intervention and Education program is offered at Daniel Hand High School for students that have violated the drug & alcohol policy for the first time, as outlined in the student handbook. The curricula covers topics such as how illegal substances impact the brain, helps students identify their personal reasons for using substances, and help to develop healthier coping strategies in the future. The sessions typically occur during the in-school portion of the school suspension. Referrals to this program are made by DHHS administrators and/or the Juvenile Review Board of Madison. Parents interested in any type of information or possible intervention for concerns related to drugs and alcohol are encouraged to call our main number.

Parent Support Counseling

Parent Support Counseling (PSC) is available to parents that are looking for help and support address any parenting challenges they may be facing. PSC includes family assessment with support and education to help with the referral issues. PSC commonly provides education on child development and strategies for positive discipline as well as crisis intervention, case management, family advocacy and referral for other appropriate services. Parents with children in the Madison school system in any grade from pre-kindergarten through 4th grade can be referred by the school and be eligible for free PSC services via the Community Outreach Program Exchange (SCOPE) grant. A fee can be negotiated according to the MYFS Sliding Fee Scale for all other cases. Please contact Sandy Ferrucci at our main number for further information.