Private Wells

  1. Arsenic & Uranium Testing (PDF)

    View and download a public news release from the Connecticut Department of Public Health advising residents to have private wells tested for arsenic and uranium.

  2. Fluoride in Private Drinking Water Wells

    Fluoride occurs naturally in groundwater because it is a component of several different minerals in soil and bedrock.

  3. How to Chlorinate Your Well

  4. Manganese in Private Wells

    Manganese is a mineral that naturally occurs in rocks and soil and is a normal constituent of the human diet.

  5. Water Testing & House Sales

    As a general rule residents would be wise to remember that to own a house served by a private well is to own its water supply and any problems that may arise from it. Happily, well drillers are licensed professionals and wells are usually both safe and reliable, so that serious well and water contamination problems are rare.

  6. Water Testing For Uranium

    As of mid February 2009, the Madison Health Department has received information about 150 well water tests for uranium throughout town, and about 15% of these well waters have uranium greater than the EPA standard of 30 micrograms per liter. Residents are urged to test their well water for the presence of uranium.